Since 1999 I have reading with the Animal-Wise deck by Ted Andrews. While it was designed as a tarot deck, I use a unique directional layout that I developed when I first got the deck. Since then I have done thousands of readings with a high rate of client satisfaction.

This is not a reading to help you find your primary totems; rather, the animals that appear in the reading are those that can help you with situations you are currently facing in your life, or with the problem you ask me to read about. I can read for a specific situation in your life, or a more general overview. What you do with your relationship with them once the reading is complete is entirely up to you and them; this is merely an introduction.

A five-card spread will cover five areas of your life, while for a one-card reading you may select one of the following:

Earth (physical concerns – health, home, finances, etc.)
Air (mental concerns – teaching, learning, planning, etc.)
Fire (change – bringing about change in your life)
Water (emotional concerns – your emotions and factors affecting them)
Spirit (spirituality, your core self, your deepest motivations)

Due to my schedule, please allow up to a week for online readings. (I’m generally a lot quicker about getting the reading done!) The results will be emailed to the address your Paypal payment came from, unless you make other arrangements; if you would like to pay by check or money order or arrange an in-person reading, please contact me. Your reading will be kept entirely private. In the event I will be out of town or otherwise have notice of something that will delay your reading, I will contact you through the email address provided. If you are in or near Portland, OR or Long Beach, WA we can do an in-person reading; please contact me to schedule an appointment. I am also available for reading at events; please contact me for details.

If you would like a monthly five-card reading (which can be done in person if you’re in Portland, or via email otherwise), you can sign up for the $20 package at my Patreon account. This is a 20% discount, since the five card reading is normally $25–and you still get access to other perks like the Patron-only feed and the monthly totem profile!

For entertainment purposes only. Should not be considered professional mental health counseling or other medical treatment, or a replacement thereof.

A five card reading is $25.00; please use the button below to pay with Paypal, or contact me for other arrangements.

A one card reading is $5.00; please use the button below to pay with Paypal, or contact me for other arrangements.